How to Sharpen Sewing Pins?

How to Sharpen Sewing Pins

Unless you’re an irresponsible person who often loses a pin before it wears out, you must have usually come across the problems of unsharp pins. Not only do you have to suffer from slow sewing due to unsharp pins, but …

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Different Parts of Zippers with Their Functions

Parts of Zippers with Their Functions

Binding of edges (of fabrics and stuff) becomes a lot easier using zippers. A zipper is composed of various parts that perform various functions. Read through to know about the types, parts, and their functioning. What are the types of …

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What is a Sewing Machine Oil? | SewGuru

sewing machine oil

If you are stuck between rows and rows of thousands of oils that seem decent, each more than the last one, and you have no idea what brand to pick out and whom to trust, well, you don’t have to …

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