Different Parts of Zippers with Their Functions

Parts of Zippers with Their FunctionsBinding of edges (of fabrics and stuff) becomes a lot easier using zippers.

A zipper is composed of various parts that perform various functions. Read through to know about the types, parts, and their functioning.

What are the types of Zippers?

There are three primary types of zippers that you should know:

  • Plastic zipper (made of nylon)
  • Metal zipper
  • Invisible zipper

A brief description of them is as follows:

Plastic zipper

The most common ones are plastic zippers that are usually used in clothing, homewares, and bags, etc. Plastic zippers can be found everywhere.

Metal zipper

The ones with metal teeth are metal zippers and enhance the style by being exposed. They are used with leather bags, jackets, and other clothing.

Invisible zipper

If you do not want the teeth of your zipper to be visible, then these are to opt for. They are usually used in women’s clothing like dresses, skirts, and pants.

Parts of Zippers with Their Functions

The parts of zippers are here below:

  • Tape
  • Teeth
  • Slider
  • Stopper
  • Slider pin/teeth

Let’s look at them in detail!


Also depicted as zipper’s tape, it is a thin and narrow fabric strip that acts as a bridge towards binding.

One side of it is stitched to the fabric while the other to the teeth.

It is also called the fastener element of the zipper. The material of this part is usually cotton, polyester, or blended fiber.

The function of this part is to act as a fastener between the fabric and the teeth.


The second important part of the zipper is its teeth.

Made up of brass, plastic, or aluminum, these are to bind the fabric. There are various types of teeth as well, depending upon the purpose and use.

Their function is to connect and disconnect both the fabrics.


A slider is a small component that moves on the teeth up and down.

The purpose of this part is to open/close the zipper. By convention, the upward motion of this component is to close the zipper while the downward motion to open it (in the case of clothing).

So, the function, as I mentioned above, is to open/close the zipper.


It is the terminal end of the zipper to limit the motion of the slider. It is installed at both the ends of the zipper in different forms and acts as a stopper of the zipper. Thus, the slider does not work completely slide-off when there is a stopper.

In short, the purpose of it is to stop the slider.

Slider pin/teeth

The slider pin is the part of the slider to align its movement and remove the unwanted motion. So that it moves smoothly throughout the zipper and opens/closes effectively.

Zippers in general

The above-mentioned parts are the main parts that the zipper contains.

There can be more details of every part, like the stopper can be of various types; the slider can be of different designs, the teeth can be in variety, etc. But the general components are the ones that I mentioned above.

Also, depending upon the opening, there are various types of zippers, such as open-ended, closed-ended, and continuous zippers (continuous rolls of zippers). You can buy the one that suits you on purpose.


As I have mentioned above, the zippers consist of some main types and include five basic components. The above information is enough to equip you with the necessary knowledge of zippers.

To enhance the style of your belongings (like bags, jackets, and clothing), try clever designs, and for that, use unique zippers.

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