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If you’ve been sewing for a long time, you would likely have come across many bobbin problems along your journey.

Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems and SolutionsWhile the trivial issues are easily solved by rethreading the bobbin, some may need a more in-depth look, and you may not even want to rethread your bobbin.

So, let’s look at the top 10 bobbin problems along with their solutions.

1. Bobbin Thread Keeps Looping

Sometimes, the bobbin thread might start looping on the fabric’s back, which will eventually become a problem for you.

The problem here mostly is the tension in the needle thread.

Since the tension in an upper thread is quite low, it’s not able to pull the bobbin thread up and hence fails to stitch.


You can simply try increasing the tension in the upper thread in a gradual manner and keep going up until the issue is solved.

You don’t need to increase the tension blindly and can follow a number within 3 to 5, and then gradually improvise.

2. Bobbin Not Winding

Mostly when you’re using a computerized machine, you will face the issue of the bobbin being unable to wind by itself. This is a huge problem, and the cause is the setup of the bobbin.


First, make sure the bobbin you’re using is of the correct size. Secondly, make sure the groove is aligned with the spring present on the winder shaft.

If this doesn’t work, check if the bobbin is defective or has a lot of wear and tear, upon which you will have to replace it.

3. Uneven Winding

If your bobbin is loosely wound or has an uneven winding, your stitching quality is bound to be affected. So, please don’t ignore it and make sure you take care of it.


Make sure while you are winding the bobbin, there are no tangles in between.

Also, the tension with which you’re winding should be very even at every roll. Lastly, you can also use your finger to fill the bobbin in an even manner.

4. Bobbin Thread Tension

If the bobbin thread tension is not set appropriately, it can cause many problems and eventually cause improper stitching. So, you need to make sure to check if the tension is alright before stitching.


You can hang the bobbin case by the thread and access the tension. You can change the tension using a little screw on the side of the case.

5. Bobbin Tension Isn’t consistent

Sometimes, you will note that the bobbin thread’s tension keeps changing on its own, and you have to adjust it a lot of times. This may be a terminal problem, and there’s nothing you can do to help this.


The only solution to this is getting a new bobbin; make sure it’s the same brand as your machine.

6. Bobbin Case is Stuck

Bobbin case could get stuck for a lot of reasons. It might be heavy-duty canvas, or sometimes a different type of needle may also be responsible.


Take the bobbin case out and take a good look if anything is making it stuck. Make sure there are no burrs on the case and remove any obstacle if there is.

7. Case is Loose

First off, make sure you’re not wrongly accusing the bobbin case to be loose, as sometimes it’s the bottom-plate and not the bobbin case that’s loose. However, if you’ve made sure it’s the case, here’s what to do.


Take out the case and insert it again. Make sure it clicks while installing. If it doesn’t, you haven’t done it properly and should try again.

8. Weird Noises from Case

Sometimes, you experience weird noises coming from the bobbin case and think there’s something wrong with it.

Well, luckily, it’s not the bobbin case making the noise and is, in fact, the needle. This is an urgent issue, and you should take the notice seriously.


The needle might have gone bad or maybe bent and touching some parts, making the noise. Make sure you replace the needle as soon as possible.

9. Bobbin Thread Won’t Come Up

If you cannot retrieve the bobbin thread even after you have installed it, there might be a problem needing your attention. It could be due to the wrong timing of the needle meeting the bobbin thread.


Firstly, make sure the bobbin winding spindle is moved back to the left side so that it can pick the bobbin thread. If this doesn’t work, you will have to have the professional take a look.

10. Bobbin Pops Out Frequently

You might have come across problems where the bobbin case suddenly pops out while you’re sewing, completely disturbing your work. Well, this is mostly when the bobbin is forced inside the plate and doesn’t really belong there.


Most often, you will need to change the size of the bobbin as it is not made for the bottom plate of your specific machine. Get a bobbin that is the proper size for your machine.

However, if it’s already the right size, see if the bobbin case is damaged or has any holes in it. Other than that, check if the case is properly installed, as if it’s not, it can pop out any time.

Lastly, the bobbin could be wound with too much tension, or there could have been a broken needle inside the case.

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