About Us

I have a strong passion for sewing. I spend most of my day working on my sewing machine and trying different techniques.

But the problem with all sewing machines is that none of them are capable of giving you everything that is there to sewing.

Each sewing machine has its specs and specialties. Each comes with its own unique qualities. Now, if you are looking for something specific in a sewing machine, I can help you with that with my past experience of working with several different types of machines.

Another thing I can help you with is the art of sewing itself. I am known by many as an expert at the skill. Now, if you are looking for some tips on sewing, you are looking at the right place.

Now only can I make sewing seem easy and fun, but if you face any challenge with the sewing machine which most people do, such as how to oil it, etc., I am your go-to person.