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For commercial purposes and more prominent businesses in the manufacturing industries, there is a huge need for a sewing machine.

Such needs can be fulfilled easily by choosing classic commercial-grade sewing machines by the best manufacturers to achieve more exceptional and bulkier results.

Still, when you dive into it in detail, you will feel that to produce a luxurious and more creative lot of clothes and fabric, there is a need for good quality material as well.

Thread is the primary material need of a professional user of the sewing machines, and regular sewing threads cannot do the job accordingly.

To produce amazing and upgraded projects, you will need a serger thread, which is a different type of thread that is quite amazing if you look into it.

Let’s go through this context on the best serger thread to accomplish this mission in the first place.

Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is for new buyers who don’t know the factors to consider before purchasing serger thread, and this is important to go through this guide, so continue reading:


There is a standard capability of every thread, and this is why it is an essential factor to consider before purchasing a serger thread.

This type of thread is quite useful in quality, but still, there can be specific points to think about before putting trust into them look into it that if the thread can make the types of stitches you want to create or not.


All types of serger thread have an adjustability feed, and it helps to make an even stitch on many different kinds of fabric.

When you plan to make a lot of beautiful stitches, you must see to it that the thread you use comes with an adjustable differential feed.

Sewing Speed

Now you must be thinking about how the speed of sewing depends on your serger thread?

Well, this completely related to your serger because if your serger thread is not adjustable and elastic enough, then your machine won’t be able to produce as many stitches as it can with a regular spindle in one minute.

Top 10 Serger Thread Reviews

Let’s start with the product reviews in which each product comes with a detailed review along with pros-cons, respectively.

With the help of these reviews, respected buyers can seemingly go through a range of the most highleach product is unique on its own.

Without any further ado, let’s get on with it:

1. Threadart Polyester Serger Thread

The threader serger is a very high-quality serger thread that is both strong and elegant. It is specially designed for sergers with its exclusive four cone bundle pack of strong spun polyester.

This thread combines the strength of polyester with the soft feeling of cotton. There is a vast choice of 56 colors with this thread, and it is very lustrous and durable.

With its outstanding colorfastness and low lint strong 100% polyester, you can work wonders on your projects and give them a perfect finish.

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  • Available in 56 colors
  • Durable
  • Soft-touch
  • Strong


  • Bad customer dealing
  • Not for all sewing machines

2. Threadart Wooly Nylon Thread

This is another excellent thread from threadart with a strong and durable nylon make. The colors are very vibrant and beautiful- also called woolly nylon.

This is very soft and gives you the confidence to attain the best finish across rolled edges and seams. Threadart woolly nylon is perfect in upper and lower loopers for rolled hems and edges.

The elasticity and ravel-free even finish impossible to be attained from a common thread. This is indeed an ideal choice for your important projects.

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  • Soft
  • Wooly nylon material
  • Elastic
  • Adjustable


  • Hard to work with
  • Too thin

3. IZO Home Goods Serger Cone Thread

IZO home goods cone thread is a very specially designed thread for unique operations such as overlocking, merrow, single-needle, etc.

The polyester-covered core provides exceptional strength and durability. This makes your machine adjustable to give faster, more efficient results.

Each cone provides 600 yards of serger thread, which lasts for many of your projects. This is an ideal choice which will help you gain the best results which you have always desired in your work.

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  • Amazing quantity
  • 100% spun polyester
  • Core strength
  • Adjustable


  • Breaks easily
  • Not clean white enough

4. Serger Quilting Embroidery Thread Cones

The serger quilting embroidery thread cones are all-purpose spun polyester threads available in the form of cones and 14 colors.

It is perfect and into place for your sewing needs, and there is a wonderful collection of bright, vibrant colors and neutrals as well.

Each cone can hold 1500 meters that is almost 1640 yards of thread, which is a standard threading capacity.

So, this serger thread is also no less than all the other ones, and you must look into it and its quality to see if it will suit you or not.

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  • 14 colors
  • Huge collection
  • Standard threading capacity
  • Great quality


  • Slightly expensive

5. Designer’s Choice Serger Embroidery Thread Cones

Designer’s choice serger embroidery thread cones come in many colors and don’t disappoint you with their quality as all tailoring manufacturers, and people in the sewing industry appreciate it.

It is especially perfect for arts and crafts and is a great serger thread for most people.

However, you will have to go through its making to see its quality and workup capacity because a proper description is not given for this product.

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  • Wide applications
  • Recommended product
  • In many colors
  • Adjustable


  • Look like regular threads
  • No proper layout

6. Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Sewing Thread

Mandala all-purpose thread comes in the shape of overlock cones and is made of 100% spun pure polyester, which is very strong and elegant.

The convenient thread comes in knots with no tangling issues. This is an entirely non-stretch thread with consistent quality, which will help you in the perfect finishing of your work.

It is great for sewing, hemming, quilting, canvas, etc., and is good for both commercial-grade and domestic usage. You’ll surely fall in love with your work after getting this thread.

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  • All-purpose
  • Standard quality material
  • Good threading capacity
  • Wide applications


  • Static thread
  • Rough texture

7. Ilauke Serger Thread Spools Of Black Polyester

Ilauke serger thread is a very unique and strong thread that will make you love your work. The 100% spun polyester thread is very strong and long-lasting, which does not let the fabric fray or tangle.

The thread is only available in ebony with four spools of overlock thread, and each cone covers 3000 yards of serger thread. It is suitable for both sewers and hand use.

The deepness of the black color is exceptional, and it will sit well with your dark projects, giving them a decent and desirable finish.

The black color is elegant and can also be offered as a gift to your sewing crazy friends.

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  • It doesn’t break or tangle
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Standard capacity
  • Easy to use


  • Only in one color
  • Too big

8. Maxi-Lock Black Serger Thread

Maxi-lock ML232 is one of the best serger threads in the market and comes in great threading capacity because it has 3000 yards in one cone of thread.

It is an all-purpose spun polyester that is ideal for light to medium weight structured fabrics, so not only does it come with great quantity but also quality.

So, you should place your trust in it and get it for your amazing and humungous sewing projects now!

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  • Great capacity
  • High quantity
  • Light to medium weight structure
  • Wide applications


  • Only simple use

9. Maxi Lock Swirls Rainbow Serger Thread

Maxi lock swirls rainbow is a very beautiful and strong thread with a complete spun polyester making.

There is a great variety of colors and excellent seams, mildew, IV light tolerated shrink, abrasion restraint, etc. make it a complete package.

It is compatible with all types of sewing operations and comes with 3000 yards of serger thread on each cone.

This is one of the finest threads which sits well both for industrial and home use.

The extra features in this thread make it even more long-lasting than its other competitors.

This one will suit all your projects very well and give you your favorite results. You should try this one.

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  • Strength
  • Great variations of colors
  • For all types of fabric
  • Excellent seams


  • Relative speed

10. Gutermann 1001S-20 Serger Thread

This is a special thread which only comes in white color, making it plain and simple.

The quantity is a striking 1094 yards per spool, and the 100% polyester make is best for sewing, serging, and overlocking.

This high-profile thread is best for all kinds of fabrics. The quality is exceptional with German production.

You have to give this thread a try and bring some simplicity to your work for a change. It will go well with non-vibrant light colors and give your projects a sleek and dainty finish.

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  • Great quantity
  • Blank canvas
  • High performance
  • Amazing for overlocking


  • No color variations
  • Fuzzy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the serger thread and regular thread?

General home use thread, which is also known as the regular thread, is usually T34, while serger thread is T27.

Most sewing machines can only handle T50, and it doesn’t apply to both of these threads, so for serger threads, you have to use serging sewing machines.

Do you need a special thread for a serger?

The regular thread doesn’t work with a serger. This is why you need a serger thread that is consistently smooth and doesn’t have a lot of lint in it, which makes it better.

How many spools of thread do I need for a serger?

Serger thread is sold in large quantities of a minimum of 2-3000 yards per spool.

This is because it is used so quite a lot in the serging process. It is designed to be used in multiples of two or more spools because they have dual duties.

Is a serger and Overlocker the same thing?

These are different names for the same machines, so it doesn’t quite matter a lot to use different names for these machine and stitch types. A serger performs an overlocking stitch, so this is the fact.

How much does a serger cost?

Basic machines start around at the costs of 200-300$, which is already quite expensive, and a more expensive serger machine allows for more qualities and extra adjustment so you can expect it to range from 1000-2000$.


Here you go! A complete review and guide on the best serger thread of all time, and this way, you can understand the complexity and basic capability of this product in general.

The buyer’s guide is helpful enough, and then the reviews of the product are amazing for new buyers because you can choose the product of your dreams this way from currently available threads.

Go on and do read it entirely enough to pick a product and understand it better, so don’t miss out on it.

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