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There are so many different models and manufacturers of embroidery machines out there in the market, but you are obviously looking out for “The one” and, in fact, a machine that stitches hats.

Hats are very complicated and need special attention to them, of course, so you will need to find the best embroidery machine for hats.

If you want to make basic hats or you want to just jump on the wagon to create embroidered ones with more detailing and styles, then you need to have the right machine at hand.

Let’s start first with the buyer’s guide so you can get a proper layout on these products and how you can buy them with better taste.

Buyer’s Guide

Embroidery machines can be a handful, so here we are presenting you an extensive guide to buy the best product there is, and we have to start off with the useful things we need to consider beforehand:


Embroidery machines basically comprise various types of designs and stitches, and this is why you need to look out for this factor foremost in it.

These machines need careful analysis, and when you ought to buy one for hat-making, then you know that it should have some beautiful designs installed in it for professional results and creative projects.

When you want to make a hat, you can simply start off with the features a machine offers, and you will be led out to know more about the model you are researching.


Usually, embroidery machines are quite heavy on the pocket, and they tend to be not available on leases and installments either, so if you are looking to buy one, then you have to be ready to invest and go all in.

Regular sewing machines are easy to buy, and they are usually on discounts as well, but embroidery machines are high-end, and if you need them for hat-making, then they will be more expensive than usual.


Then there is another important factor that is needed to be considered beforehand, which the portability of an embroidery machine is.

When you get an embroidery machine, an automatic thought comes to mind that if you can handle it and take it to your workplace or not.

Your machine should be portable enough to be taken everywhere in a case, and it shouldn’t be too heavy as well, so you can adjust its placement whenever you require it.

Top 15 Embroidery Machine For Hats Reviews

Now, it is time for us to start the product reviews of one of the best embroidery machines there are in the market.

All the products that we are going to review here today are top-rated by valued customers on Amazon, and each product will come with its pros-cons, respectively.

1. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

Starting off the list with the premium pick, we have the Brother PE535.

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike, this model is one of the best out there.

The main features include its custom embroidery, built-in designs, unique font styles, and frame patterns.

Plus, the model also has a built-in memory, so you’ll always have your inventory just a click away.

The only con to this model is that the LCD screen is a little too small. Also, it doesn’t come with instructions, so you’ll have to figure things out as you go.

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  • Convenient
  • Custom embroidery
  • Unique fonts
  • 80 built-in designs


  • No instructions
  • Tiny LCD screen

2. Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE625 is the premium follow-up pick.

With amazing features such as 280 embroidery designs, a CD packed with various versatile designs, and the drag and drop feature, this model is the perfect tone to choose if you want to take your hobby to the next level.

On top of that, it’s also pretty easy to use and get the hang of.

The only negative of the Brother SE625 is that it is a little too costly; however, don’t worry. It’s worth the money!

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  • LCD touch screen display
  • 280 embroidery designs
  • Drag and drop feature
  • The color palette included


  • Slightly expensive

3. Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400 is a very versatile computerized sewing machine that can be used for various purposes.

Having a great build quality, as expected from Brother, this machine comes with a whole lot of features as well.

There are all the basic sewing features available such as free-arm stitching and automatic needle threading, to save your time.

Though it is computerized and you can import as many designs into it as you want, it comes with 70 built-in designs, which will most often fulfill your needs themselves.

The LCD display is backlit and quite easy to use.

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  • Computerized combination system
  • Custom look
  • Affordable
  • 98 stitch functions


  • Noisy
  • Poor quality on smaller designs

4. Brother SE1900 Embroidery Machine

With amazing features such as 240 built-in stitches and 138 built-in embroidery designs, the Brother SE1900 is suited for both professional and household use.

On top of that, it also features an LCD color touchscreen that helps you pick out what you want and edit it according to your needs, so you can get creative as well.

However, there’s a minor fault. This model can get a little inconsistent at times, so you’ll have to be careful if you’re rush stitching.

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  • Easy to use
  • Professionally engineered
  • Touchscreen display
  • Custom stitch


  • Bad tension
  • Inconsistent

5. Brother SE600 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600 is another excellent product by Brother, which provides not only outstanding value for the money you pay but also beats many computerized embroidery machines, which are quite more expensive than this is.

With an easy-to-use touch-enabled display, you can conveniently view your designs before actually executing them, which makes things quite easy, especially for beginners.

There is a wide workspace of 4”x4” available, which lets you work on most large projects if not all.

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  • Creative
  • Two in one
  • Full-color range
  • Editing features included


  • Not good for sewing
  • Instructions not detailed enough

6. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE800 is a great pick if you’re looking for a model to help you through complicated and high-end tasks.

The best thing about it is that it features its own library with a variety of options to choose from.

On top of that, you can also import new stuff from other sources, so it’s safe to say that you won’t ever run out of designs.

However, there are two things you’ll need to keep in mind. The Brother PE800 overheats occasionally and is a little noisy. So, don’t forget to factor that in!

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  • Exceptional options
  • A lot of features
  • Extensive designs
  • Compatible


  • Overheats
  • Noisy

7. Brother PE700 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE700 is geared towards highly skilled embroidery and professional stitching.

Its simple interface, user-friendly application, and easy-to-handle apparatus mean you won’t have any trouble when working with the Brother PE700.

Plus, you can also add customizations to the design present, thanks to the USB import option that this model offers.

There are two downsides to it, nonetheless. Along with having more than necessary tension on the thread, this model isn’t that portable.

So once it’s set up, it’s going to stay there for a while.

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  • User friendly
  • High end
  • Creative
  • 136 designs


  • Tension in the thread
  • Not portable enough

8. Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

For all the Disney fans out there, the Brother PE550D is the best pick for you.

This model features 125 built-in decorative designs, which also include 45 Disney characters. So if you’re planning to stitch someone a gift, this is a great pick.

Other interesting features about this model include its customization, design previewing, and various fonts for monogramming.

However, watch out for the bobbin threads. They act up a little from time to time.

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  • Monogrammed
  • Personalized
  • 125 decorative designs
  • 45 Disney designs


  • Bobbin threads issues
  • It contains some errors

9. Singer Future Embroidery Machine

Next up, we have the SINGER Futura. This model is geared towards more serious users and those individuals who have experience working with embroidery machines.

Its main features include 125 designs and 30 built-in sewing stitches.

On top of that, it also has an LED light that increases your visibility and makes it easier to pay attention to fine stitching.

However, all of this comes with a catch. The SINGER Futura has a few tension flaws and needs constant readjustment, which is why this model isn’t that easy to use.

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  • 30 stitches
  • Led options available
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Automatic one-step buttonholes


  • Tension flaws
  • Not easy to use

10. SINGER XL-500 Computerized Embroidery Machine

If you’re planning to make your life easier and comfortable and want to get the best of both worlds, the SINGER XL-500 is a stellar pick to go with.

The best bit about this model is its threading system and the automatic needle threader.

Plus, its size and customization will easily allow you to create larger designs, spanning up to 20 inches.

The only major downside to it, however, along with its high price, is the bad software. It’s not that user-friendly and lags a little.

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  • Easy to use
  • Two in one
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Larger embroidery hoop


  • Bad software
  • Too expensive

11. Ever Sewn 400-Stitch Sewing or Embroidery Machine

The Ever Sewn is targeted at more modern users and applications.

With more than 400+ utility features, alphabet pattern stitching, and 40 built-in designs, this exceptionally large model is arguably one of the best models currently available on the market.

On top of that, it also has a good amount of workspace where you can craft whatever you want.

The only de-merit it might have, however, is that there might be a few malfunctions if it is used for longer periods of time.

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  • Modernized version
  • Large embroidery field
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Eight presser feet and workspace


  • Unbunching thread
  • Malfunctions expected

12. Brother SE1900 Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE1900 is a great model to consider if you’re planning to let loose your creativity and want to work on something unique and original.

Along with having a multitude of designs and pattern options, the Brother SE1900 also allows you to make customizations with the USB flash drive since you can upload any type of source material you want and then turn it into a reality.

As far as cons are concerned, there isn’t much you’ll need to account for. This model is as good as it gets!

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  • Creative
  • Extensive possibilities
  • 138 embroidery designs
  • 240 stitches


  • None

13. Janome Memory Craft Embroidery Machine

Janome memory craft MC 9500 is multipurpose and can be used for stitching as well as embroidery.

There are a handful of sewing and embroidery features available, which make your work very easy and convenient.

For embroidery, you get to have around 90 designs that are built-in to the machine, and if that is not enough for you, you can easily import more of them using just a PC.

Editing of designs is also quite straightforward, and you can do multiple functions with your design directly on the machine before executing them.

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  • Full rotatory hook bobbin
  • Needle threader
  • 105 stitches
  • Creative quilting


  • Complex instructions

14. Janome 9900 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

The Janome 9900 is a budget-friendly pick that’s suitable for all types of users out there.

With features that are found with even more high-end models, the Janome 9900 comes equipped with everything you’ll need for fast, efficient, and superior stitching quality.

The Janome 9900 also has a high-resolution touch screen that can display more than 65000 colors!

On top of this, you can also edit the designs online. The con to this model is that it isn’t durable enough, so you’ll have to be a little careful with it.

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  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Embroidery stitch quality
  • More learning curve


  • Not durable enough

15. Janome MB-4S Four-Needle Embroidery Machine

Last but not least, we have the Janome MB-4S. The Janome MB-4S is a great model to consider if you value RCS and want to make the most out of them.

Its pivotal feature includes its high precision work, various color options, and a professional approach to getting the job done.

This model is a good pick for all types of users out there!

As far as downsides are concerned, watch out for the needles. They’re a little fragile, so it’s a good idea to plan and work accordingly.

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  • Has RCS
  • 65 thousand colors
  • Led light offered
  • Professional results


  • Fragile needles

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to embroider hats?

You need many things to embroider hats that include thread, an embroidery machine, a led pencil, a fabric controller, and you are good to go!

How much does it cost to embroider a hat?

You can embroider a two-color logo or graphic on 20-25 hats for 5$ per hat.

An embroidery professional could charge per 1000 stitches for a given design, then digitize and embroider two garments for a price that ranges from 45-65$.

Can you embroider on a mesh hat?

Yes, you can embroider on all four sides of a mesh hat.

Can you embroider the bill of a hat?

That is currently not possible to embroider the bill of a hat, and the process to do that type of customization requires the embroidery to be done before the hat is assembled.

How do you take stitches out of a hat?

To remove these stitches, you can simply take a tweezer and pull the already cut threads through the material to remove them.

How do you embroider the back of a hat?

Just like any other way, you can embroider the back of a hat by simply sketching out the design on it first by upholding it in a place then with the help of a thread, make the stitches and then put that area in the embroidery machine.

How long does it take to embroider a hat?

It all depends on the basic stitch count and trims, but if you run a 2000 stitch design at 500 stitches per minute, then it should take you about 4 minutes changes to run.


Here you go! A complete review and guide on the best hat embroidery machines!

I hope all your queries have been answered regarding these products and that you are able to choose the best product for your own use.

Go through the buyer’s guide, especially if you are a new buyer and need any more help.

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