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Sewing Safety TipsThe invention of the sewing machine has made life easy for the people who sew fabrics and stuff.

These are very efficient and wonderful inventions.

Modern sewing machines are electrically equipped and can sew your fabrics by merely pushing the button and controlling the fabric.

But in most of the houses, manual sewing machines are found.

As they provide ease, in the same way, they have some dangers and hazards associated with them.

So, before operating them, there is a need to have various hazards and safety tips while using them.

Hazards related to Sewing Machine Usage

You can come across many kinds of hazards while operating a sewing machine.

The most common sewing machine hazards involve cutting injuries from sharp edges, piercing pins, scissor cut, electric shock in case of automatic machine, a back problem due to lifting of the machine in the wrong way, and eye stress if low lighting.

These hazards can be faced due to various reasons, and those reasons could include safety compromises.

There is a need to consider the safety parameters in the first place to dodge these kinds of hazards.

Top 15 Sewing Safety Tips

To avoid accidental injuries while using a sewing machine, the following safety tips will help you out.

1. Keep an eye on the needle

While operating a sewing machine, it is most necessary to keep your eye on the needle.

As the needle is very sharp and you have to constantly adjust the fabric so that the sewing doesn’t go wrong, keeping an eye on the needle can save you from injury as your hand can come under the needle.

If you are operating an electrically powered machine, lift your foot off the paddle whenever you have to divert your attention.

While in the case of a manual machine, take your hand off the handle ring to divert your attention.

2. Avoid haste

If you are a beginner, then try to go gentle with the machine and do not rush while using it. If you aren’t that experienced and try to run the machine fast, you can encounter some severe injuries.

I would say that if you are even an expert, do not rush while operating the machine.

As a sight, distraction can cause the needle to injure your hand or fingers. Also, the sewing can go wrong at such a speed.

3. Accessories Handling

There are various accessories associated with the job of operating a sewing machine. These include scissors, cutters, and other stuff per your need.

Great care is needed while using these sharp tools.

A slight slippage of these sharp tools can cause cut injury to your body. Try using these tools attentively with great care because safety should be our first and foremost priority.

4. Handling the pins

The pins must be handled safely and should be placed in order so that they don’t cause trouble to anybody. To do so, use a pin cushion and assemble your pins on it.

A pin, if penetrates your hand or anywhere, can cause bleeding, which is not normal. So, this factor should be taken seriously.

5. Proper lighting

Proper lighting is necessary for almost all kinds of works. Similarly, while working with a sewing machine, you are exposed to sharp edges and needles.

Hence, proper lighting is very important in this case so that the sewing goes well, and there may not be any injury due to bad light.

Usually, LED lamps serve well for this purpose.

If you ask for my opinion, then I would recommend working in sunlight because it is the best light to work in. It also doesn’t cause any side effects.

6. Right needle for your Machine

Every machine has its specifications, and in the same way, they have its kind of parts.

Not every needle can fit into every machine. So, a wrong needle can cause damage to your machine and also can break and cause trouble or accident.

It is recommended that you use the right fit needle in your sewing machine to avoid mishaps.

Also, make sure that the adjustment of the needle in the bracket is made properly because if it isn’t, it can come out of the running machine and can cause an accident.

7. Safe setup

In an automatic machine, a motor is always working when the machine operates. Also, in a manual machine, a motor-like assemble is constantly in motion.

Hence, it is important to set the machine properly and tighten it up with the table. It becomes durable and easy.

Also, some of the machine tables have the facility of iron and cloth cutting. So, a proper setup is important to avoid a mess and also problems.

8. Plug out when not using

If you have an automatic sewing machine that is usually electrically powered, always plug out its switch when you are not working on it or having a pause from your work.

Because in a relaxed situation, if the switch is turned on, accidentally the machine can go off and cause trouble.

To avoid any electricity-related hazard, try to plug in/out the switch according to your work. Do not let the switch plugged in when the machine is free.

9. Insulation of wires

Automatic sewing machines have wires and cables through which the current constantly flows.

It is necessary to check that if the wires are properly insulated, the other case can cause you great problems.

Exposure to naked wires can cause electric shock, which is a great hazard.

Keeping a check on the maintenance of wires can save you from some severe electric shock, so try following this tip.

10. Safe Distance

It is a rule while working on any machine that you maintain a safe distance. The same is the case while using a sewing machine.

You should maintain a safe distance because a safe distance can save you from any uncertainty happening.

11. Hair and lose clothes

While operating the machine, in the case of females, the hair should be tied up properly not to get stuck in the machine.

Also, if you are a male and have long hair, try to act upon this advice.

Loose clothes are never recommended while operating a machine. While using a sewing machine, wear proper clothes that are not loose to stick in the machine.

12. Machine’s sound

Always take care of the machine if you want it to serve you for longer. Proper maintenance increases the life span of machines.

The sound of the machine can tell whether it is its maintenance time or not. Therefore, if you feel that the machine is not giving a normal sound, immediately look for it.

Try to give your machine oil regularly.

13. Sit properly

Working on a sewing machine for a long time can cause stress in your muscles. It can also lead to back pain due to sitting still in a position for a long time.

To avoid these, you have to sit properly with your back straight.

Do not bend yourself or lean because that can cause trouble in the backbone and shoulders.

14. Electric Supply check

Electrically equipped machinery comes in various load demands.

It is important first to know the rating of your sewing machine, and before starting work, checking the supply voltage that it is proper or not because improper voltages can damage the machinery or burn the motor.

This damage can cause you a lot of trouble.

So, care is better than a cure. Try to take care of these things to avoid heavy losses.

15. Screws check

It is essential to keep in mind that loose screws can cause you great trouble. Before operating, check if the screws are tightened properly.

In this way, there will be lesser vibrations, and the machines will work properly.

Also, no piece will come off, and you’ll be safe.

Apart from these, always check the threading of the machine, the oil leaks, machine head, and machine tabletop, etc., and remove the unusual stuff.

The paddle must be working properly because if it malfunctions, it will cause a problem in sewing the fabric.

You should also carry out proper maintenance after some time so that the machine keeps on providing you the service and doesn’t lead to any mishap because the injuries are always troublesome.


Simply working on a sewing machine would be a lot easier than proper working, considering the safety parameters.

You can increase the production speed by quickly working, but if you come across any injury while working that way, you might not be able to operate it again.

Safety should always be your priority because life is the most precious thing you have. Neglecting the safety parameters cannot make much difference in progress, but it can increase the hazards.

I have tried to tell you about the most important safety tips that you should follow while working to work safely. Now it is totally up to you to follow these golden tips or not.

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