Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine – The Difference Explained

In the past few years, the ongoing debate about the mechanical vs. computerized sewing machines has been all over the industry.

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing MachineA lot of people starting with sewing are often confused about which one to make their first sewing machine.

Even though there are a lot of differences between the two and both have their pros and cons, what eventually matters is what the sewer personally prefers and the nature of its work.

Nevertheless, let’s see some of the significant differences between the two, which will help you choose the best amongst the two.

What Should You Choose?

Before jumping on the pros and cons of each type of machine, I would first like to address one major factor which should have an impact on your decision on mechanical vs. computerized sewing machine more than anything.

So, if you are someone who does minimalist sewing and doesn’t look for new or creative designs, and most of your work is based on making alterations, otherwise, you are not very much into sewing; a mechanical sewing machine will probably turn out to the best for you.

On the other hand, if you are expanding their knowledge and skillset when it comes to sewing, and regularly like to implement new and creative ideas while sewing, a computerized sewing machine must be your go-to.

It will provide you everything you need, and your learning curve will be high, letting you achieve great heights in no time.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

Now, let’s see some of the biggest pros that you will enjoy if you buy a mechanical sewing machine.


This is probably the biggest advantage that you get when you are using a mechanical sewing machine.

No matter how minimal your knowledge is about sewing, if you are aware of the basics, you will not find yourself under challenging scenarios while using a mechanical sewing machine.

Everything will seem pretty straightforward. You can achieve all the basic tasks while being a beginner.


When we are buying something, price is what plays a significant role in the end and becomes the deciding factor.

The great thing about mechanical sewing machines is since they do not offer a lot of features and options to the user, they come in at a pretty affordable price, and anybody can buy them, even if they are not willing to spend a massive sum of money.


Comfort is a major factor that plays a great role in what things we like using and what things we avoid, even unconsciously.

Mechanical machines are by far more comfortable than computerized sewing machines, and using them doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything.

Once you are into the ecosystem, it will be as easy as using a spoon to eat.

Therefore, it is preferred by a lot of people who are in their old ages and cannot afford to be stressed with anything.

Computerized Sewing Machine

Admittedly, there are as many pros to using digital sewing machines as there were with the mechanical ones. They may be even better for some people. Well, let’s see.

Automated Features

There are a ton of features available in computerized sewing machines, which will increase your productivity by a lot and help you achieve better efficiency while doing your work.

Automatic thread cutters and automatic needle threaders are some examples; however, there are a lot more they offer.

All these things take up a lot of your time, which could instead invest in sewing when using a mechanical machine.


If your project is not only limited to sewing, and there is some embroidery or quilting work involved as well, computerized machines are the go-to.

They can even handle heavy-duty fabrics without any issue, usually the case with the mechanical sewing machines.


When using a computerized sewing machine, it will give you a lot of different options when it comes to the stitching type, speed, and so on.

All these things will automatically be controlled by the machine in the best way possible to deliver you the best results.

However, setting these manually, if they are even available on a mechanical sewing machine, will never produce as precise sewing results.


Using computerized sewing machines makes many different options available to you, which you can easily use to increase creativity in your stitching or designs.

You get a lot of different kinds of stitches, or built-in designs if you are dealing with embroidery.

You can also edit the design live on the machine and see how they look before implementing them!


So, that was all the major differences between the popular debate of the differences between the two types of sewing machines.

Make sure you know your priorities and understand what nature your projects will be.

After that, you will truly come around understanding the idea between the two models and how both are made for different purposes.

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