Why is My Sewing Machine Jamming?

sewing machine keeps jamming

Imagine it’s a day off from your office, and you decide to spend it doing something productive. You sit down with your machine and all the accessories you need, and boom! The machine suddenly jams without you having a clue …

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15 Types of Sewing Needles and Their Uses

Types of Sewing Needles and Their Uses

One of the beautiful things about sewing is that there are so much versatility and variety. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that you’re always on a journey to learn more, and there’s still no shortage of experience. …

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18 Different Types Of Sewing Machine Feet

Different Types Of Presser Foot

It’s a universal fact that you need the right thing for the right job. The same principle holds for a sewing machine foot. It doesn’t matter if you sew from time to time or all the time. If you’ve worked …

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21 Common Sewing Machine Problems and Solutions

Common sewing machine problems and solutions

For regular sewers, the sewing machine is an important part of their lives. Especially those who do sewing as a profession. Professional sewers have to work for long hours throughout the whole day, and any problem occurring with the machine …

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11 Different Types Of Sewing Threads

Different Types Of Sewing Threads

Choosing a suitable thread for your stitching project is probably a major part of it. If you fail to pick a thread that suits your needs, the project will eventually fail to turn out the way you want it to …

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