Write For Us

To help our audience at SewGuru enjoy the same journey and help them make more out of what they currently have, we are inviting YOU to write for us!

Over at SewGuru, we want writers who are committed to anything sewing-related, which includes Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting, and everything in-between.

If you have what it takes, and want to put it to good use, SewGuru is a great place to kick off your literary goals!

Topics to Choose from

You can choose from a wide array of topics to contribute to. Here are a few examples!

  • Sewing
  • Quilting
  • Embroidery
  • Sewing Accessories

If you feel comfortable with a given topic (doesn’t have to be mentioned above), feel free to write on it and send it to us. However, before getting there, there are a few sets of rules that you must abide by.


Since SewGuru holds the final decision on what gets published, it’s a good idea to follow the rules mentioned below with the utmost attention.

  • For each product, always mention a link that redirects to the source material.
  • No plagiarism or simple re-writes of existing articles will be tolerated.
  • Always mention sources/references wherever appropriate.
  • Use schematics, figures, and images to supplement your work.
  • Your language tone should be consistent and user-friendly.

Following all these instructions above will increase your chances of getting published more frequently, so make sure that you always refer to them if you’re having second thoughts about a particular topic and see if you can integrate the aforementioned tips into your write-up!

Where do I submit it?

Drop in your article over at (timjosline@gmail.com) and we’ll get back to you at the soonest!